“There is no one on radio globally that sounds like you.””

AE Pictures Executive, CEO-Jaco Boyens (Texas)

That sound I had found in my heart and in my head was now accompanied by the Uke.”

Matthew Fiock interviewed by Voyage Dallas

Hello to all my music people! I am Matthew Fiock and an Independent Singer/songwriter that loves playing Reggae, Island, Rock with a slight European mix on it. All this written and played to an Ukulele as a solo act and when I can with a band. Give it a listen! I grew up in Eugene, Oregon and I now reside in the BIG state of Texas. At a young age I became deaf due to inner ear infections and lost my hearing all together. At the age of 5 years I regained my hearing after trying to learn sign language and I started the adjustments of living in a very loud world! In the duration of those silent years I fell in love with the vibrations through the floor making up the music I know and love today. I also grew up around a few pockets of Pacific Islanders (Hawaiians, Samoans, etc.) and I became fascinated with Ukuleles, but that didn't take place till later. I was into rock first, but then later came Reggae and Islander influences that were around me taking hold and didn't let go! I have written and performed a Reggae, Island and Rock mix since 2011 and haven't looked back. My vibes and style are a little different feel than what one could expect, but it usually isn't a negative response when I get feedback. I am getting invites to venues that only a solo singer/songwriter only fantasizes about. Doing something right! Enjoy the difference with an Ukulele! Happy Uke'in!


                                                                  - Matthew Fiock

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Set List (one hour)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Cover

Leaning Tree - Original

One Day - Cover

Wait and See - Original

Jerusalem - Cover

Believe - Original

I'm Yours - Cover

Blaze - Original

Can't Help Falling in Love - Cover

Audible Alarm - Original

Firestarter - Original

Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful - Cover